Before training at Positive Tails my very large German Shepherd was unmanageable, and all I was doing was trying to “manage” him. Now that we’ve completed training, he is an enjoyable companion. He is very responsive to me, and now that he knows what is expected of him, he seems happier too!

Mary Ann Ottinger

Before training, walks as a family were stressful and irritating. Our dog, Todd, couldn’t listen to us outside the home or with anyone else present. After training, family walks have become relaxing and enjoyable. We have found a new-found confidence in Todd’s ability to listen and be safe and comfortable on walks. There’s no more pulling and walking all over the place. Now, Todd can safely be with us around the house and involved in our everyday lives, even with a new baby around. He is responsive and obedient and seems less stressed and happier!

Ali Street

Jennifer has an amazing training capability, knowledge, background, professionalism, an amazing facility, and she is kind to animals. Before beginning training, Jennifer sat with me and we discussed my concerns about my dog’s behaviors, we discussed the reasons behind behaviors, and how to train effectively. She has a very thorough understanding of dog behavior and applications of appropriate training, and the training program seems individualized for each dog & family. She’s absolutely amazing.

Danielle Slatton

I am so pleased with Jennifer and Positive Tails Dog Training. I am so happy with the progress Bentley made with Jennifer and now with me! Before training, things were very frustrating. I had a dog who didn’t care to listen to me unless he was being bribed. Walking was more of a frustrating thing than a fun and enjoyable activity. I couldn’t take him out without him needing to smell everything and be distracted by everyone. Since completing training, his behavior has been so much better. Walking and going out with him is so much easier. It’s actually enjoyable to take him out and go on walks.

Giselle Mago

Before training, Shadow pulled on the leash, was overly excited in public situations, and was out of control sometimes. Since completing the Immersion Training program, I can walk him more often and enjoy not getting my arm ripped out. He’s 115 lbs and 2.5 years old. He has lots of energy and we needed more control. We’re much happier now. Jennifer did an outstanding job with my somewhat independent GSD, Shadow. He responded well but, I’m the one who needed the most training. Jennifer is equally as professional in working with the humans to continue the learning once your dog returns home from training.

Tom Roberts

Before training at Positive Tails I wasn’t able to walk our oversized puppy which is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Now, she is so well-behaved that I don’t even know I have a dog at the end of the leash. Taking her on a walk in the neighborhood, on trails, or at the park is such a fun and pleasant experience. I am able to walk her anywhere now without pulling. Jennifer is very professional and advocates for the dogs. She taught us a lot about dog behavior and how best we can keep up the great training foundation that she has given our dog.

Cindy Pennington

Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for having found this training! In the past, I’d tried everything, from books to videos without success. Jennifer has literally changed our lives for the better. Gone are Rosy’s (and our) bad habits and inept attempts. Of course, all this depends on our continued work, and we’re doing it! Prior to Jennifer’s training, our household was full of stress. Never knowing what Rosy would do next kept me on edge, especially if we had guests coming to the house. I spent each day with my stomach in knots, attempting to correct and figure out what I was doing wrong. After this training experience, everything is now calm and relaxed. It’s such a joy to be able to take her on walks without the constant pulling! She’s a happier, more settled girl who knows exactly what to do when I speak to her! It’s so much fun to be able to enjoy my girl and not have any regrets about obtaining her in the first place. I researched trainers in our area. I read the Positive Tails website, I read everything, including reviews of Jennifer’s success, and made my decision. Our entire family is thrilled with the results.

Don & Sally Culp

Before training at Positive Tails, we didn’t want to spend time with Lemon. She pulled the leash and no one in the family could walk her except my teenage son. Since completing training, Lemon is much more fun to be around and even my small kids can walk her. Now, she is the family dog that we wanted.

Melia Mayer

Right before beginning training, things had become pretty stressful. Charlie is a giant breed and he was becoming more and more difficult to handle. We were just trying to make it through the day to bedtime for a break. He was chewing things up, taking things off the counter and running away, not walking politely on leash, and not coming when called. These were puppy behaviors that we weren’t sure what to do with.

Since training with Positive Tails, I enjoy Charlie so much! I’ve always loved him, but it was stressful. Now we have peace, calm, and happiness. I would never have even tried to walk on the riverfront but now he does so well. He comes when called, sits, places, and drops it for playing fetch. These are just amazing changes.

Deb McLaughlin

Prior to training, if we asked Sadie to do a command, it was more than likely that she would ignore us completely. We were unable to take her on walks because she pulled on the leash too much. Now that Sadie has completed training with Jennifer at Positive Tails, we are able to communicate better with her and our relationship with her has significantly improved. We are able to take her on walks and she reliably responds to commands.

Kelly & Garren Melton

Before training, Cider wouldn’t come when called. She wouldn’t sit when needed and was constantly jumping on people. It was a struggle and she had to be with someone all the time. After completing training with Positive Tails, Cider is much better behaved and follows her commands very well. We can trust that we have command over our dog, which is the main thing. Life is just better with her being trained!

Michael Shultz
Shane & Anika Atkins

Before training Sammi was chewing on everything, had a high level of anxiety, and would not listen. We were at the point that if the training did not work, we would have to re-home her. Since training at Positive Tails, she listens and stays where she is told. She does not tear down the stairs but actually waits at the top until we tell her to come downstairs. We can walk her with confidence. She is a much happier dog too! Jennifer created a new Sammi. We are thrilled that Sammi is now truly a family member and we can honestly say, “well behaved.”

Shane & Anika Atkins
Ellie the Springer

Puppy, puppy, puppy!!! Ellie and I had made it through [a different] puppy class in the valley, but she was sooooo distracted that it was very frustrating. When I had her attention, we could make good progress. But, I felt like we were never going to reach my goal of her being a well-mannered dog.

“[Since Positive Tails,] Ellie and I have really become a team and have developed trust and good communication. Ellie has earned freedom in the house when I am home. I love being able to go for a walk with her and not feel like my arm is being pulled off (or being pulled at all, for that matter) or hearing her cough and choke from pulling on her collar. I feel like I can take her with me so many places.

“I am so pleased with how the training has changed our relationship. I couldn’t be any happier with the outcome.

“I chose Positive Tails Dog Training because I had tried group training in the valley and it was obvious that it wasn’t effective for training my sweet bird dog puppy. I very badly wanted to be able to teach my puppy how to be well-behaved. After the consultation, I really felt that Jennifer was the right person to help me. I liked that with private lessons, she customized the training so that I could train Ellie. I liked the level of support that she provided during training as well as the opportunities for group classes after graduation. Looking back on this choice, I am so happy with the progress that has been made with Ellie’s training. I very highly recommend Positive Tails Dog Training and would absolutely use their services again.

Sarah Grim

I wanted to let you know that I am very proud of Annie. She is doing really well. And I am doing well with her too. We still work every day on our training and…she is great at coming and walking on leash and even walking right next to me off-leash. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us. Annie is the best-behaved dog we have ever had!

Kris Pominak

Before training with Positive Tails, getting Abby to obey commands was difficult and frustrating. Since completing the training program every day is a pleasure. Abby is happy and we are able to do walks and activities with her without struggling and pulling. We had a great experience working with Jennifer. Our training and follow-up have gone very well. Thank you!

Rick & Maggie Wallach
Taiyou and Luna in Place

Jennifer, I just had to e-mail you with our latest adventure in positive training. We were all on a walk on our street just to get out and I had both Taiyou and Luna walking next to me off leash since we were two houses away from home. As we were passing out next door neighbors’ house, she opened the front door to go to the front yard and one of her black labs came running out of those right towards Luna and Taiyou. Of course, both dogs became very alert but I was able to give them both the Sit command which they both did immediately and stayed right next to me while the neighbor got control of her dog and got him to go inside. This is one of the dogs that Luna used to bark at in the backyard and I am sure that he only wanted to come out to play but it was so neat and impressive that both my dogs didn’t even think about getting up after they were told what to do. After the Lab was put away, I was able to tell both Luna and Taiyou to “go home” which both of them did at a run right to the front door and sat until I was able to open it for them. Needless to say, the neighbor was very impressed and made a comment about possibly sending their dog for training, so hopefully, we may have a referral for you in the future. Thanks again for making this type of experience possible.

Richard Cano

Mason was a “special needs” dog because he was the runt of the litter and exhibited some OCD and fear-based tendencies. He preferred to spend most of his time in his kennel. When he was out of the kennel he would run in circles. He was not responsive to instructions and would not walk on leash.20161129 135512

“[Since training] Mason comfortably spends a lot of time out of his kennel. He is gregarious and has relaxed considerably. He now seems like a “normal” dog, and responds to verbal commands. He now walks on a leash better than our “normal” dogs.

“We chose Positive Tails Dog Training because we knew we needed professional results after our own efforts were not productive. Jennifer listened closely to our goals with Mason and produced results that were consistent with those goals and that exceeded our expectations.

Kevin DeWitz
Welch Terrier

Walks are much more enjoyable now that Cooper isn’t pulling on his leash when we go our for walks. He will also stay on “Place” when we are eating or have company over.

Our biggest delight since Cooper completed training is that he can be off-leash in the house when our young grandsons visit. No more crazy “love bites” from Cooper! He waits patiently for his pat on the head.

Kathy Tucker-Patton

I had rescued a very loving dog but one with definite behavior problems. She was found on the streets and was fearful. She was highly reactive with other dogs and I had a couple of experiences that made me fearful to have her around other dogs. She was pulling on the leash. She would not give back the toys when you played fetch with her. This made it a struggle to get her the exercise she needed. She was chewing and digging which caused a lot of destruction in our home. She also jumped up on us and others. I could tell she was a very smart dog and I had been able to teach her a few things but I was struggling to be able to enjoy her the way I wanted and was experiencing a lot of frustration. I remember the day I took her for a consultation with Jennifer. She was out of control barking, pulling, and bucking on the leash with another dog is nearby. Jennifer was very calm and gave me confidence that we could have success and change these behaviors.

Now, I am able to confidently walk Sully. She is able to be around other dogs and play. We play fetch and she will give back the ball or toy. She comes when called. I am able to redirect her when she has behavior that I do not want. I am truly able to enjoy Sully and have fun with her. Sully is a willful dog and requires consistency from me to continue to grow and learn. Being able to continue with group lessons is an invaluable part of our training program.

The Positive Tails programs are organized in such a way that you and your dog are able to progress and you get the support you need to have training stick and continue to progress. I chose the Immersion Training program. There was excellent initial training to lay a foundation and then excellent teaching to build on that. There is also a lot of ongoing support which is missing in most training programs. I knew that to have the results I wanted with Sully, I would need this type of program.

Jennifer is the best dog trainer I have ever worked with. Her approach is highly professional and you can clearly see that she has knowledge and experience working with all types of dogs and the barriers to training them (and training their owners). She understands what program is best suited for your dog and yourself so that you can have a successful experience. She is an excellent teacher which is necessary to be able to work with you as you learn the skills to work with your dog. She is able to build your confidence so that you can achieve the results you want. Jennifer does this utilizing positive methods without any punishment or confrontation. My experience with Jennifer and Positive Tails has been superb on all levels and surpassed my expectations.

Mary Gunkle
Yellow Labrador Gus

Gus was high energy, and unruly and that was stressful for our family. Now, we can relax in the house with him around, and he relaxes too. Our family members are shocked at his progress. I’ve learned how to better relate to Gus and be a better owner and trainer for him.

I appreciate how well Jennifer was able to evaluate my style and Gus’ style. She added tools and techniques to help us get through hurdles to make good progress. She provided very individualized training to help us achieve our goals!

Becky Konrad
Maggie the Boston Terrier Mix

[Before training] Maggie’s behavior made it difficult to have company over. She would practically knock people over before they could get through the door. On walks, she would pull and bark when other dogs were still over a block away.

Now, Maggie is so calm! She is polite to guests and actually gets more love because guests aren’t trying to defend themselves. Since the training, we have also had some of the best experiences ever with other dogs. I no longer worry about running into another dog when we are out walking.

We appreciate all of the information that was provided to us before and after Maggie’s Immersion Training. It helped us to understand our role and what we needed to do to help Maggie be successful. We chose Positive Tails because we liked Jennifer’s approach to training. She is very professional and provides a high level of support which is very much appreciated.

Jessica Shaw
Fred the Border Collie

[Before training] Fred was a VERY high strung dog. He was very nervous and untrusting of other dogs, as well as strange people. He would not sit and let someone pet him, not even my husband or myself. It was not possible to take him on walks because he would try to go after other dogs, and would bark continuously at other people, often lunging like he wanted to go after them. It was easier to just keep him home, which of course led to a bad path for him. We wanted a dog that we could take out in public without worry, feeling confident that he would act nicely and obey commands.

Though he is still high energy by the nature of his breed (Border Collie), he has mellowed out a great deal [since training]. It’s very obvious that he is a lot happier and much more trusting. The training has brought his stress level down a great deal. He is no longer so skittish around other people, nor does he go after other dogs. We are able to take him on walks now. Though he may notice other dogs, we are able to quickly get his attention and are confident in his ability to obey commands when given. We are now able to get control of a possible problem before it happens. It’s so much fun to get him out now, and it’s very obvious how much he loves his walks and outings! We no longer live in fear the second that we walk out of the house with him. There is a sense of peace for both us and for our dog now. Jennifer is spot on with her training. We questioned one or two things along the way thinking that they would not help or work. We followed her instructions to a “T” though and were proven wrong every time. She knew what she was talking about the results are there. It’s amazing!

Stacy Wuolle
Levon the Border Collie

[Before training] our Border Collie, Levon, didn’t mind and it was so frustrating as to affect our relationship with each other and our dog. [Since training] I’m relaxed, my dog’s relaxed, and our relationship with the dog is better. We can walk off-leash and not worry that he will chase cars, bikes, or joggers. He comes when he’s supposed to, stays when he’s supposed to, and sits or lays down on command. Jennifer is amazing!

Liz Pewitt
Porter the Lab on Paddle Board

I took Porter to Positive Tails Dog Training when he was 6 months old. It was the best decision I could have made for us both. During the consultation appointment, Jennifer did a demonstration with her dog while Porter was in the room–Porter was going nuts by whining, pulling on the leash, and jumping around. It was everything you would imagine with a 6-month-old Lab. But after the 10-day Immersion & follow-up private lessons, Porter was a new dog. He was still his playful, excited-Lab self, but he listened, came, sat, and obeyed my commands. Jennifer did another demonstration with her dog to test Porter when we completed our training program. This time, throughout the whole thing, Porter sat next to me silent and calm, just watching. It was incredible.

Now when I take him places, people are amazed and ask me how my Lab puppy is so well trained. When I take him to the park and he sees other dogs, he briefly looks at them and then gets back to what he was doing. He doesn’t jump on people, he stays when I tell him to, and we can enjoy walks and hikes without him yanking on the leash the whole time. I recommend Positive Tails because not only does it increase the trust you have in your dog, but it increases the trust your dog has in you. I can say from experience that with this solid training foundation, you can greatly increase the amount of fun opportunities you and your dog can enjoy together!

Danielle Heinlein
Jack the Border Collie

[Before training] I never walked with Jack. He would pull on the leash so hard my hands would have blisters and my shoulder would be in pain. It was nerve-wracking to go into public places, like Firehouse Pet Shop, because we couldn’t trust Jack not to nip someone he didn’t know. We just wanted the world to see Jack as the fun, cuddly, lovable genius we knew he was when he was at home with us.

Now, we go on walks almost every day! Jack and I also go to Firehouse Pet Shop by ourselves with no leash pulling or nipping. He loves going there to pick out new toys and get a bath. Jack is so much more social now with other people, and is less stressed!

Kara Melton
Coby the Labrador

Coby has always wanted to please, and [Jennifer has] taught him, and us, how to communicate in a way that he understands and we get the results we need! My husband now often takes Coby to work knowing he’ll be well behaved and have a great time. We can’t say enough about how much Jennifer has taken our relationship with Coby from one of love and chaos to pure enjoyment! I’m so pleased with Coby’s (and our) progress thanks to Positive Tails’ training!

Darlene Baker
Mini Australian Shepherd

We chose to go through the training process because we moved from a quiet, secluded area to a high pedestrian / dog traffic area on the river trail. We had a very hard time controlling our dogs around all the distractions and it was very frustrating and even affecting our relationship. Whenever we would see a person on a bike or another dog, we would get so nervous and try to avoid the embarrassment of having out-of-control dogs. We eventually stopped taking them on walks because of it and decided something needed to be done. Now that we have gone through training we couldn’t be happier. We can take our dogs on long walks on the trail without anxiety or getting embarrassed because now they listen, and they stay right next to us when we walk. It is so nice to hear someone say to us “what a well-trained dog!” It’s been such a great experience and I’m beyond happy that we chose to do this training.

Elaina Toft
Stella the German Shorthaired Pointer

The bond that I now have with my dog is amazing. I cannot thank Jennifer enough for helping create that. I have a friend in my home now that I do not get frustrated with, and a great trainer to call if I need help.

Jaquelyn LaValley
Buddy the Goldendoodle

We had pretty high expectations going into this program and the results exceeded our expectations. [Buddy] was very responsive to the methods that Jennifer employed during his intensive training. The follow-up sessions were beneficial for us to actually see and hear how we could continue the training at home. We achieved amazing results in a relatively short time. We learned how to effectively communicate with our dog and we are all happier as a result.

Rob Jorgensen
Rufous the Boxer

Since beginning training, Rufous has made huge progress in his anxiety issues. Jennifer obviously understands dogs and their motivations.

Debbie Gregory
Giles Diego the Boxer Pitbull

Before working with Positive Tails I was not able to enjoy my dog as much as I would have liked. Diego was a very nervous and anxious dog that reflected his emotions through aggressive behaviors like growling, lunging, and raising hackles. Now, I have learned to “read” Diego, properly use his leash to communicate with him, and be an all-around advocate for him. As a result, Diego is a more relaxed dog who can look to me for guidance when faced with a challenging situation.

Mayra Giles
Bailey and Hagen

Bailey was on the streets and was set on doing his own thing. He didn’t have any structure and was hard to figure out. Jennifer showed us the right way to work with him and what to avoid. She took a vested interest and always had advice and tips to make our relationship with Bailey better. We highly recommend Positive Tails!

Chelsa Hagen
Simmons Dogs

The difference in our dogs before and after training is like night and day! With a two-year-old dog and a puppy, we had complete chaos in the house and outside. Lexie & Tamika basically ignored us and what we wanted. Now it is wonderful and our home is a HAPPY place again. The dogs both love learning and keep trying to please us.

We look forward to more training with Jennifer and our dogs. They can always learn and so can we. In fact, they may be a bit quicker on some things than us πŸ™‚ Life is easier with well-behaved dogs and we can take them with us when we go places now. Thank you, Jennifer, you do fantastic work and are very dedicated.

Steve & Kathie Simmons

Lucy was on the way to becoming a neurotic mess. She got very nervous when people came to the house and was difficult to walk because she pulled and was nervous about every new situation. She is 65 pounds and we needed to get control so that she could go with us and we could walk her with confidence. The training accomplished that and more. She is less distracted and really wants to please us by doing the commands we give, and really tries hard. Jennifer’s training was very valuable to us humans in learning how to consistently and kindly communicate with our dog. Our family is very grateful!

We got way more out of our training than I expected. It is so nice to feel connected to Lucy, and she is calmer and more content. I know it was fun for her too because she loves to see Jennifer at our lessons. Before beginning training, we had a list of concerns and behaviors, and every one of them was addressed. The continuing training opportunities are very valuable too. I feel that if we encounter any issues in the future, we can contact Jennifer and receive help. We cannot say enough good things about this training program!

Byron & Debbie Phillips

[Mac] showed a lot of aggressive behavior before he was [sent to training] and since then, since coming back, he’s literally been like a new dog. It’s amazing.

Mac is doing so well! Thanks for the extra encouragement on Thursday. I think sometimes I believed that the collar is a punishment, but after I saw how well Mac responded, I am convinced it is just a reminder for him to pay attention. It is so much better than me getting frustrated and yelling at him! πŸ™‚

Renae S. & Kevin
Susan C. Testimonial

I definitely highly recommend Positive Tails. Two thumbs up!

Susan C.

Hi Jennifer,

I cannot begin to tell you how much training Skye has brought relief and stability in my and Philip’s lives – we never even knew how stressed we were when we went out with and without her. When we went out with her, we were constantly scared of her reaction to other dogs and other people, always taking the avoiding route. When we went out without her, we were always concerned about how my in-laws would treat her (and the neighbors as well, if my in-laws left her outside). We have always understood that Skye needed special attention, as we knew that she came from a traumatic background, having been abandoned for no reason. As a result, we never left the house longer than 2-3 hours if we could help it, so we could return home to her.

Now, as she is learning, things are looking up and we feel safer taking her out with us – our ability to identify stressful situations and knowing how to calm Skye, as well as just having her with us, alleviates two stresses for us and it is such a wonderful thing. We try to take her almost everywhere with us now – with the exception of taking her grocery shopping. I am so grateful for everything you have done for us and continue doing for us – guiding us with calming and teaching Skye. Thank you so much!

Jennifer & Philip C.
Jack Russell Terrier

With the help of Jennifer, our Jack Russell Terrier obeys our commands. No more counter surfing, no more dashing out the doors. I feel more comfortable having our dog play in the front yard. He stays close to me and follows where ever I go without a leash. The neighbors are impressed that the dog can obey our commands and play safely in the front yard without any fences.

Randy & Karen L.

Oprah now walks on a leash beautifully and always comes when she is called. She loves to quietly play in the front yard and observe the world! She is such a good girl!

Deborah G.
Scott G Testimonial

Training with Jennifer at Positive Tails has been invaluable to us. It was a great decision and a great investment. We’d do it all over again if we had to.

Scott G.

Before training with Jennifer, walking Buddy was a nightmare. I didn’t even want to walk him…But now, I like taking him out because it’s really, really peaceful and pleasant to just have him next to me the whole time…It’s completely different than when I used to walk him.

Melisa P.

We are so glad we used our resources for Positive Tails instead of other training classes!

Cody (our 5-month-old Chow Chow puppy), would pull on the leash constantly during our walks. He would never listen to me when I told him to stop pulling. I had to always raise my voice at him. Now, after one and a half months of training with the Positive Tails system, Cody’s loose leash walking is so easy. He never pulls and always pays close attention to me. He sits at every stoplight and before entering and exiting a door. He understands and does very well with all of his new commands. I am so pleased and satisfied with all the positive changes that Cody has made with the Positive Tails training. Many people on the street and at the pet store are amazed with Cody. We always get comments from strangers on the street, “Your dog is so well behaved and listens to you.” Everyone in my family is so impressed with Cody. On top of everything, my bond with Cody has become closer. He wags his tail when he sees me holding his training collar and the leash in the morning because he knows he gets to go outside for a walk. Thank you Jennifer for your knowledge and for training Cody! I wish every dog could train with Positive Tails. So many dog owners would benefit from this type of training for their dogs. They are totally missing out on this wonderful tool! I wish every dog could have one!

Patrick & Bridget R.

The Positive Tails dog training approach is effective. The best part is that it has only been a month since we started our training sessions but Kona already knows her new commands very well. She used to jump on us continuously as we tried to head out the gate for a walk with her. Now I can use the “place” command or “sit” command and she will sit still while I put the collar on her. She will sit in place on a lawn chair so that I can close the gate without her jumping on me. What a relief! It seems like she is more eager to follow instructions from us now…we are teaching her to “speak” (bark) on command. We will continue to use everything we learned from Jennifer to reinforce desired behaviors.

Irene & Rom C.

Hercules was a good puppy for the first 6 months or so. No barking, no marking, somewhat social in the sense that he didn’t bark at everything outdoors, he even walked politely on the leash. However, one unfortunate week, he started spending time with some other little dogs with some behavioral problems. Hercules started picking up these bad habits and he began barking at everything and everyone outdoors or barking at anyone just completely strange to him. In addition, he began marking pretty much everything outside. Being with Hercules was a Jekyll & Hyde experience. At home, he was fine and almost behaved. Once we were outdoors, trouble ensued which was completely embarrassing.

A few months after Herc’s first birthday, I realized what a huge problem Herc had become. He was so unstable; I had some control over him in the house, but none outside. I couldn’t take him anywhere (which I really wanted to do); he was a complete embarrassment because of his incessant barking. But one day while doing more research and Yelping, I came across Positive Tails! I saw the “Free Consultation” picture and called immediately. I had no idea it was to schedule a free home visit/demo! But that was just too perfect so I went ahead and did it.

On the day of the consultation, I was nervous about what the trainer would say about Hercules. Lo and behold, as soon as Jennifer arrived, Hercules displayed his worst! Jennifer was very calm throughout the introduction with Herc. When she finally brought her dogs out for a demonstration, I had a moment! I was like YES please tell me Herc can do that with training from you. In the end, I chose Positive Tails because it wasn’t just Board & Train. The full package also included unlimited group training. That was exactly what I wanted because the immersion (boarding) training is great, but I also wanted to be involved in order to strengthen that bond with my dog.

Herc did great when I got him back from his Board & Train. I was already impressed and he had only been in training for 10 days. He is fine as he is with just the boarding but, Jennifer said Group Training is a great way to polish his skills to be perfect. My first group experience was amazing and really fun! We met new dogs and people; Herc really learned how to behave when he met new people and HE EVEN LET COMPLETE STRANGERS PET HIM!! I almost wanted to cry after training, just seeing how much he improved. It is sad to know that sometimes I am so busy with school and work that I can’t give him all of the attention that I want to give him. But, now that he’s so well behaved, he gets attention from everyone! To see him allow people to pet him was my goal. We can check that one off the list and we’re on our way to my ultimate goal: CGC. Thanks, Jennifer for everything!

Jorryan C.

We adopted our dog, Luna, from the Humane Society. We later learned she was a white German Shepherd with a great love of people but an equally strong dislike for other animals. Walks were awful! She lunged, barking ferociously at every animal within sight. The neighbors avoided us at all costs and were afraid of my dog. She sent me sailing across the pavement twice before we found Jennifer at Positive Tails. I truly wondered if this dog could be trained. After a week in Jennifer’s Immersion Training Program, a changed animal was returned. It is unbelievable. Walks are now fun. She no longer lunges and tries to kill the neighbors’ pets. In fact, 5 people I didn’t know stopped me to comment on the positive changes in her behavior. They had seen Luna and me when we were out for walks in the past but had never been able to get close because of Luna’s crazy behavior. Even the mail carrier commented on the positive change in her behavior. She no longer jumps on us, bites our hands, or sends me flying. The simple commands work beautifully. The collar is a tool that has made this process work. She likes her boundaries. It is not without work on the owner’s part too. I enforce Jennifer’s lessons daily and Luna and I are both happier as a result.

Chaille J.

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