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Is Your Dog Driving You Crazy?

Do you struggle with getting your dog to listen and pay attention to you, especially when there are distractions? Do you wish your dog would stop doing some of the things that you don't like, such as: jumping up on people, chewing, barking, pulling the leash, or not paying attention? Has your dog's behavior ever embarrassed, frustrated, or angered you? Have you tried other trainers or training programs that did not reach your goals?


  • A dog who is a joy to be around
  • A dog who doesn't jump, bark like crazy, or pull the leash
  • A dog who listens to you and quickly and happily responds to all of your commands
  • A dog who is safe and in control at all times...even without a leash, around distractions, and even without a treat!


Contact us right now to find out how we can help you start a new life with your dog. You have nothing to lose but your dog's behavioral problems!

Dog Training Programs

Positive Tails Dog Training programs include everything you need to help reach your training goals. When we meet with you for our initial consultation, we will recommend a course of training designed specifically to help you achieve your goals. We will explain the differences between our program models and make some recommendations specific to you and your dog. Then you simply choose the program that best matches your needs and your lifestyle.

Immersion Training

Immersion Training

Think of what it would be like to have the ideal dog...the dog of your dreams: a dog that pays attention to you and listens to your every command, a dog that earns compliments everywhere he goes. Now imagine having all that and having the hardest work done for you! Positive Tails clients who choose our popular Immersion Programs enjoy the countless benefits of having their dog trained by a professional trainer, all while they are busy at work or away on a well-deserved vacation.

Testimonials & Reviews

Now that we’ve completed training, he is an enjoyable companion.

Mary Ann Ottinger

He is responsive and obedient and seems less stressed and happier!

Ali Street

Jennifer has a very thorough understanding of dog behavior and applications of appropriate training, and the training program seems individualized for each dog & family.

Danielle Slatton

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